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Safety in all areas of life?

We all want to know our loved ones and values safe, as it would be terrible to just think, that anything bad can happen to them. Would you like to make proper actions to keep your relatives safe? If you also worry about your elder relative, child or ill family member and besides you would like to protect your other values as well, you will need appropriate technology.

The worry, that our loved ones may get into trouble and we cannot help them, may consume lots of energies. We constantly hear news of lost children or elderly and we always believe, that it can never happen to us. As you are also helpless subsequently, you had better prevent the disaster.

If you can reach the ones, you are worrying all the time, you can be sure, that while they do not call you, they are safe. The quick help can save lives, for example in case of a heart attack or a brain haemorrhage. That's why the remote supervision systems are spreading more and more, as they can connect the family members with each other in 24 hours a day. Earlier only the mobile phone was at our disposal, but nowadays the remote supervision devices have more possibilities and simpler user face than the phones. In case of trouble, you get an immediate notification of your family members or values, so you can make the intervention.

The system of Family Lifepack provides supervision of 24 hours instead of you, even if we talk about the safety of your child, grandmother or home. Our team has been working for years with great efforts to make our lives safer, which had been recognized by several professional prizes and acknowledgments.

  • National Innovation Special award, 2010
  • Hungarian Product Grand Prize, 2011
  • Informatics Award of Excellence , 2011
  • IT Business Leadership Special Award, 2012
  • Microsoft „Your Business. Your Fame” , "Best Azure Applications of CEE", 2012

Now our remote supervision devices can be acquired in one package, it is called the Family LifePack. It can protect every area of your life and you do not even have to make separate actions, as the Family Lifepack has been developed for this reason. You can take care of the safety of your loved ones, home and car in one hand.

What do you get from Family LifePack package?

The components of the package:


It provides safety for your home. In case of intrusion, it automatically sends notification and stops only in case you give confirmation. So the event will not be avoided.


It is responsible for the protection of your car. We hide it behind your dashboard, so nobody else can notice it. Navigator can identify the driver and notify you in case of unauthorized person, so your car is always safe.

Vario Medcare

It is a health guardian. Vario Medcare is mobile phone and alarm signalling device at the same time. By pushing a button, it initiates call according to the preset function. So your family member in trouble can anytime reach you, the ambulance or the police.

Android Helper

It is a smart phone tracking software. You can prevent the loss of children or elderly, as you can ask for signals in even every minute of their exact locations. By pressing the SOS button on the display of the smart phone, your relative can ask immediate help.

You can use our safety solutions with wide range in two ways:

  • The alarm arrives to you immediately
  • The alarm arrives to the dispatcher center, where specialists can make a decision of the proper help.

With the assistance of these up-to-date solutions, you can unburden yourself, as you do not need to worry all the time, so you will be able to concentrate better on your work.

If you are interested in our remote supervision solutions, feel free to write to us!